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Health related events and conferences

Health Partnering Event 2012.


The event will take place following the EC Open Information Day in order to allow researchers, SMEs and any applicants interested in the 2013 FP7 Health call to meet and discuss new project ideas and meet potential partners for forming consortia.

This Partnering event   is jointly organised by "Fit for Health" and "Health-NCP-Net".

The day will center on bilateral meetings between participants interested in the same fields. An accompanying program will provide information on “what makes a good consortium” and give researchers from SMEs and academia interested in SME-targeted topics a platform to present their project ideas in 5-minute presentations.

Innovation Prize 2012: Call for proposal is open from 1stFebruary to 15th April 2012!


Universal Biotech Innovation Prize is intended to International project owners within Innovative Biotech Companies and to Academic Researchers. The Prize rewards the best innovation within the following areas:

Preventive and curative therapies, Medical devices and Technological tools

If you are interested, pleas click here 

ENLACE Grant for enhancing scientific cooperation between European Union and Central America

The aim of the ENLACE travel grant scheme is to promote exchange between Central American and European researchers as well as to encourage contacts between research institutions for joint participation in the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). The grant scheme works as a mechanism to facilitate networking or even joint proposal writing.


The travel grant consists of two components:


  1. The participation of Central American researchers on specialized international conferences or brokerage events in Europe
  2. Visits to specific research centers / institutions of thematic interest for the grantees

For more information, please click here


10 February 2012, DIABESITY Conference, Brussels

The European Commission organizes the conference DIABESITY - A WORLD-WIDE CHALLENGE,Towards a global initiative on gene-environment interactions in diabetes/obesity in specific populations. The conference will be held on 9-10 February 2012 in Brussels, further information and online registration are available here.  

HEALTH-NCP-NET Handbook now published!

Handbook image_small.jpg

Health NCPs share information and good practices in the Health NCP Handbook.

This handbook is a comprehensive collection of practical guidelines on how to perform the main duties of a Health NCP efficiently. It describes a number of good practices from more experienced Health NCPs, and aims to achieve a transfer of knowledge between NCPs, thus providing a more suitable service to researchers worlwide. Serving NCPs from new member states and third countries is a priority of HEALTH-NCP-NET, so especial enphasis has been given to aspects of particular pertinence to them.

09.06.2011- FP7 Health - Open Info Day, Brussels


The European Commission (Research & Innovation DG - Directorate Health) organized an Open Information Day  on FP7 Health research. The event aimed to highlight the novelties in the planning of the 2012 Work Programme and provided guidance on proposal preparation and management. Health research opportunities in Third Countries were presented in a satelite event organised by the project Access4.eu.

HEALTH-NCP-NET presentation


10.06.11 Health Partnering Event 2011, Brussels

The next Health call is approaching in July 2011! The Partnering Event 2011 was organized prior to the 6th Health call publication by two project consortia: HEALTH-NCP-NET and Fit for Health. The Partnering Event offered the possibility to present project ideas or company expertise in order to extend cooperation with international partners in the Health sector. There was also a possibility to participate in pre-booked bilateral meetings to establish new contacts and partnerships.

30-31.03.2011 Innovation in Healthcare: From Research to Market

logo_innovation in hc.JPG

European Commission's DG Research and Innovation, DG Enterprise and Industry and DG Health and Consumers jointly organize a policy-oriented conference "Innovation in Healthcare: From Research to Market" at the Flagey in Brussels. In a small "fair" during the event associations and support structures such as HEALTH-NCP-NET will have the possibility to provide information to the participants.

HealthCompetence - now online


HealthCompetence.eu is a pan‐European Research Information System making keyinformation accessible on all projects funded by the EC within Health Science in the 6th and 7th Framework Programmes (FP6 & FP7). The information includes the projects’ results in terms of publications, patents and technology offers, and is an open source of information for the stakeholders, such as project coordinators, scientists, technology transfer officers, research administrators, policy makers & programme managers within academia, industry, the EC and other funding agencies.

29.09.2010: EU-LAC InfoDay


EU-LAC Info Day      particularly for NCPs, FP7 contacts, embassies, liaison offices of research organisations for raising visibility of Latin America and the Caribbean in Europe . 2011 work programmes of FP7 invite collaborations under the EU-LAC Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation. The event will take place in Madou Auditorium, Place Madou 1, 1210 Saint- Josse-Ten-Noode .  

16.06.2009 Networking Day for all Health NCPs

web_all NCPs.jpg

The  Networking Activity for all Health NCPs and ICPC CPs took place on 16th June 2009 in Brussels and was organises together with the Commissions Information Day for Health NCPs . It started with a hot debate on experiences with consultants, followed by presentations of research capacities in Belarus, Moldova and Georgia and on the new partnering platform for Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI). The consortium also encouraged participation in the Staff Exchange Programme, in the cartographical mapping of research in ICPC and in the preparation of the NCP Handbook.

7-8.05.2009 HEALTH-NCP-NET at Research Connection in Prague

Carmen Audera.jpg

HEALTH-NCP-NET chaired a round table in which Health NCPs addressed challenges of researchers to participate in FP7. Health NCPs from France and Israel presented their experiences, which were followed by a questions/answers session. On this occasion HEALTH-NCP-NET collaborated with the SMEs go Health project. The conference is documented at Research Connection 2009   and here you can find the video  


The Health NCP Net is the network of all officially appointed Health National Contact Points (NCPs) and Contact Points in third countries. It provides information, guidance and technical assistance on European funds for health research projects. Our clients are researchers and research institutions willing to participate and be successful in the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). Since most of the NCP host institutions are funded by national governments, the services of the network are offered free of charge. Find here a summary about us. 

Health NCP Calender

22.02.12, Networking Day in Lisbon

23-24.02.12, Training in Lisbon

27-28.02.12 Multiple Staff Exchange, Lisbon

14-15.03.12 Multiple Staff Exchange, Rome

19. 03.12, PEC and QAP meeting in Brussels

20.03.12, PSC in Brussels

29.05.12, Open Info Day in Brussels

30.05.12, Brokerage Event/ Partnering Day in Brussels

31.05.12, Health NCP meeting by EC in Brussels

Virtual Trainings

10.03.2011: Welcome and Introduction to HEALTH-NCP-NET   , Marta Barrionuevo, ISCIII

02.08.2011:  HEALTH-2012, towards HEALTH-2013 and beyond   , Sabine Steiner-Lange, DLR

04.08.2011:  Innovative Medicines Initiative,4th IMI-Call-2011  , Jan Skriwanek, DLR

31.10.2011:   Ethical Issues, focus on Informed consent  , Margit Sutrop, EAWG 

Upcoming events

BASEL Basel, Switzerland
Meet4lifesciences is an International partnering event for research and innovation in health and agrofood Meet4lifesciences combines partnering meetings with company visits and offers latest R&D and market trends in health and agrofood sectors. Goals: meet innovators from Europe and beyond to identify new business opportunities, contact potential partners in academia and industry for transnational cooperations, build research consortia in line with last FP7 calls in... - health - food, agriculture and fisheries, biotechnology (KBBE) increase visibility for your expertise Target groups: Innovators and decision makers from universities, research institutes and the industry from all over Europe Topics in health: diseases omics drugs & treatment biotechnology & bioinformatics Topics in agrofood: food agriculture bio-based industries
Dublin, Ireland
From 11th-15th of July 2012 international researchers, policy makers, business leaders and global media will gather in the Convention Centre in Dublin, Ireland to take part in the Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF), 2012. A science conference like no other, ESOF 2012 is unique in representing the largest convergence of the Sciences, Humanities and Culture in Europe in 2012. The Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF) is Europe’s largest, general science meeting and is held in a leading Europe city every two years. The first meeting was held in Stockholm in 2004, followed by Munich (2006), Barcelona (2008) and Turin (2010). Dublin was awarded the honour of hosting ESOF in 2012, following an open competition. Copenhagen will host then event in 2014.